Video of EPIRB checking by ARG Tester and EPIRB Tester Mini

This video illustrates the procedure of inspection of an emergency positioning indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system by means of two different Testers : ARG Tester manufactured by Sartech and BEACON Tester Mini (or simply BT Mini) manufactured by Musson Marine. We suppose it would be interesting from the point of comparing different approaches to the procedure of testing offered by different manufacturers.

The task is to measure the frequency, power level and decode Cospas-Sarsat message content. All procedure should be carried out in accordance with IMO Circular 1040.



Guidance on AIS devices agreed

The Sub-Committee endorsed a draft Safety of Navigation (SN.1) circular providing information to seafarers on the display of AIS-SART, AIS Man Overboard (MOB) and EPIRB-AIS devices, for submission to the MSC for approval.


GMDSS modernization on agenda

The modernization of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), e-navigation implementation and new and amended ships’ routeing proposals are among items on a busy agenda as the third session of IMO’s Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communication, Search and Rescue (NCSR) gets underway (29 February-4 March).