Video of AIS Testing by GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M

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You may be a young surveyor, starting your marine survey career, or a highly experienced inspector remembering first Futronic tester. Anyway you will love the new GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M.

This video manual demonstrates the procedure of annual testing of AIS station class A.

Having an old standard tester the inspector has to provide all the measurements one-by-one, switching manually a tester to the proper modes, connecting and reconnecting the cables.

New GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M provides all the measurements automatically. The Tester is designed to be convenient for a surveyor.

Thus the surveyor’s job turns to be easier and more comfortable.

Automatic test report generation facilitates paper work; just select the needed IMO-like report and print it.

The MRTS-7M software is a cutting edge program compatible with all modern operation systems.

Though the interface of MRTS-7M is intuitive and very user-friendly we show and prove it in the video manual below.

Hope it will be useful for you.


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