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Communication Systems in the Maritime Industry

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Marine communication has long history and continues developing to this day. For the last years this field have been changed and innovated greatly. 

At the first stages of its evolution semaphores and flags were used, later mariners began using radio for transmitting distress signals and also Morse code was in practice.


Only in the second half of twentieth century IMO brought in an automated system of ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore communication and the constant presence of marine officer wasn’t necessary any more. 

Such communication was held by means of on board systems through the shore stations and satellites. Thus ship-to-ship communication was carried by VHF radio, and then DSC appeared. It could provide digitally remote control commands to receive and transmit distress signals, urgent calls and current messages. Today DSC controllers can be combined with VHF radio.


EPIRB testing by MRTS-7M

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Our customers and friends know that this year we presented the new great multifunctional tester MRTS-7M that provides testing of AIS, EPIRB, VHF, MF/HF radio stations, NAVTEX and other GMDSS equipment.

We hope this portable device will win your respect and become your indispensable and reliable assistant for radio survey.

Did you want to know how to test EPIRB?

This video undoubtedly will interest all who deals with the GMDSS equipment testing.

We show you how to provide testing of COSPAS-SARSAT 406MHz Radio Beacons such as EPIRB and PLB.

It should be noticed that thanks to the intuitive software it is convenient to make a final test report and print it immediately.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy your viewing!


Season's Greetings!

Category: General

Making summary of the year 2018 we should say that we are very very grateful to all our clients!

Cause grace to You we always do our best to ensure you can rely on GMDSS Testers in your everyday work.

We strive to make your survey work more comfortable, easy and automated.

It’s You who make us better and stronger!

So Thank You! And we wish you to grow, develop and lead the way in the new coming 2019 Year and all the following years.


Video of AIS Testing by GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M

Category: AIS

You may be a young surveyor, starting your marine survey career, or a highly experienced inspector remembering first Futronic tester. Anyway you will love the new GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M.

This video manual demonstrates the procedure of annual testing of AIS station class A.

Having an old standard tester the inspector has to provide all the measurements one-by-one, switching manually a tester to the proper modes, connecting and reconnecting the cables.

New GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M provides all the measurements automatically. The Tester is designed to be convenient for a surveyor.

Thus the surveyor’s job turns to be easier and more comfortable.


GMDSS Tester at SMM 2018 presenting new All-in-One Tester

Category: General

The International Maritime trade fair SMM that took place in September 2018 in the city of Hamburg, Germany, became the great event not only for the maritime industry on the whole but for the Aeromarine SRT Company in particular. We got an opportunity to present our new product, namely All-In-One GMDSS Tester MRTS-7M.

GMDSS Testers at SMM 2018

We were pleased that our equipment was highly appreciated by professional maritime surveyors. We tried to create a device that would make an inspector’s work as comfortable as possible. This tester is not only small and light but also it is equipped with intuitive interface and user-friendly software.

The engineers of the Aeromarine SRT supplied our testers with automatic mode for testing, previewed the modern software compatible to all the versions of Windows, iOS and Linux. It allows automatic generation of IMO-like reports for all the range of tested equipment. Thus it can relieve the paper work significantly.

GMDSS Testers in METS 2019

AIS Tester

AIS Tester

AIS Tester is professional equipment for surveyors to provide mandatory annual testing of the Class A and Class B AIS mobile stations and AIS-SARTs in accordance with requirements of IMO and SOLAS. Complies with with IMO circular letter “Guidelines on annual testing of the AIS unit MSC.1/Circ.1252”.



BEACON TESTER enables professional checking of all types of maritime emergency radio beacons that operate in COSPAS-SARSAT system like EPIRBs, PLB. Provides mandatory annual EPIRB testing in accordance with IMO Circular MSC.1/Circ.1039, 1040.

Beacon Tester Mini Wi-Fi

Beacon Tester Mini Wi-Fi

EPIRB Tester Mini w/ W-Fi is the newest device appointed to check the maritime distress beacons (EPIRBs, PLBs) operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system. This device is really lightweight and is capable to operate via Wi-Fi with any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Its operation complies with SOLAS regulation, IMO 1039 and 1040 Circulars.



GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M is the first hand-held Multi Tester enabling the testing of all GMDSS equipment: AIS Stations, EPIRBs, VHF and MF/HF Radios with DSC, AIS-SART and NAVTEX. The cutting-edge software is compatible with all operation systems. Automatic generation of test reports for all the range of tested equipment. And all reports are in IMO-required format. Less paper work, more surveys!