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Get ready to upcoming IMO requirements for EPIRBs

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Emergency positioning beacons are one of the most important equipment on board. In case something goes wrong, one of them is of great importance in helping you and your team save your lives, especially if and when all other rescue tools have failed. Thanks to these beacons, countless lives have been saved in grave situations, such as sinking, collision and accident. Nowadays, when technology and features have improved and prices went down, in fact, nothing prevents from having such a device on board.

EPIRB AIS Operation

What new rules are about?

In June 2019 the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee enlarged the SOLAS requirements for the EPIRBs. The new rules will come into force on July 1, 2022 and since then, every EPIRB installed on a ship must have the internal AIS frequency along with the 406 MHz channel and the GNSS transmitter. New requirements are set in IMO’s MSC 101/24/Annex 24 2.3.16.  Thus, each EPIRB installed on or after 1st July 2022 has to comply with it.  (But if an EPIRB is installed on a ship before this date it may not correspond to the new rules)  And the requirements for the AIS locating signal from a beacon should be in accordance with the Recommendation ITU-R M.1371 (technical characteristics for an automatic identification system using time division multiple access in the VHF maritime mobile frequency band).


Posidonia Exhibition 2020

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Dear Friends, 

Posidonia Exhibition 2020 is re-scheduled for October and our participation as exhibitors keeps in force; the place is the same – the Athens Metropolitan Expo. We fully support such preventive measures and believe that they will help to stabilize the situation.

Meantime we are using our time wisely even staying remote. Our team keeps on developing new ideas to gladden the customers with qualitative products and easy solutions.

GMDSS Tester at Posidonia 2020

Please note, that as before, we provide full online assistance upon all the questions, accept the units for service maintenance and make the full sales cycle. Do not hesitate to contact us, we stay online!

Aeromarine SRT Team wishes you and your families to stay healthy and be safe. 


Video manual for GMDSS Testers Software

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The video shows how to use Multi GMDSS Software to manage test results of GMDSS Testers.

From this video you'll learn how to:

  • download the software
  • install it on Windows or MAC OS
  • sign UP and login
  • download test results from a GMDSS tester
  • generate and print the test report
  • use Cloud Storage or Offline mode

New one-for-all-testers software

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Dear friends,

We have been receiving lots of positive comments about our software functionality and convenience. We really appreciate it. So our specialists prepared yet another update for all fans of our products.

Meet unified software for all GMDSS testers:

  • MRTS-7M
  • AIS Tester M1
  • BEACON Tester 406 02
  • SART Tester STU-1

Let’s name it MULTISOFT!

GMDSS Tester Multi Software

You will definitely appreciate that software matches all versions of the devices including old ones. Even if your device is not of present-day version you are still welcome to use this software.

Test report generating has never been so easy!

The software for all testers is available on this page (


We are at the Marine Equipment Trade Show 2019

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This time our team has been looking forward to METS Trade in Amsterdam with particular impatience. 

The matter is we were ready to present our brand new device, namely 9GHz SART Tester STU-1 – indispensable tool for providing safety at sea. It is designed for accurate and independent validation of any Radar-SART operation in accordance with the requirements of IMO Resolution A.802(19) and SOLAS - 74/88. It provides measuring of signal level and duration, counts the number of sweeps and calculates the distance from SART across radial line on the radar screen, verifies the signal. (For more details go here).

Aeromarine SRT at METS 2019

So we considered this great exhibition to be the best opportunity to present the unit to the audience.  

It should be noticed that the tester had great demand. Our guests got an opportunity to see the operation of SART Tester in real life – several demonstrational tests were made.

Naturally, AIS Tester “M1”, BEACON Tester 406 02 and Multi Tester MRTS-7M were also presented at the exhibition. It was a great delight for us to assure that our users highly appreciate these products for their reliability and functionality, and also to get lots of positive reviews about software.

GMDSS Testers All in One

AIS Tester

AIS Tester

AIS Tester is professional equipment for surveyors to provide mandatory annual testing of the Class A and Class B AIS mobile stations and AIS-SARTs in accordance with requirements of IMO and SOLAS. Complies with with IMO circular letter “Guidelines on annual testing of the AIS unit MSC.1/Circ.1252”.



BEACON TESTER enables professional checking of all types of maritime emergency radio beacons that operate in COSPAS-SARSAT system like EPIRBs, PLB. Provides mandatory annual EPIRB testing in accordance with IMO Circular MSC.1/Circ.1039, 1040.

Beacon Tester Mini Wi-Fi

Beacon Tester Mini Wi-Fi

EPIRB Tester Mini w/ W-Fi is the newest device appointed to check the maritime distress beacons (EPIRBs, PLBs) operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system. This device is really lightweight and is capable to operate via Wi-Fi with any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Its operation complies with SOLAS regulation, IMO 1039 and 1040 Circulars.



GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M is the first hand-held Multi Tester enabling the testing of all GMDSS equipment: AIS Stations, EPIRBs, VHF and MF/HF Radios with DSC, AIS-SART and NAVTEX. The cutting-edge software is compatible with all operation systems. Automatic generation of test reports for all the range of tested equipment. And all reports are in IMO-required format. Less paper work, more surveys!