EPIRB testing by MRTS-7M

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Our customers and friends know that this year we presented the new great multifunctional tester MRTS-7M that provides testing of AIS, EPIRB, VHF, MF/HF radio stations, NAVTEX and other GMDSS equipment.

We hope this portable device will win your respect and become your indispensable and reliable assistant for radio survey.

Did you want to know how to test EPIRB?

This video undoubtedly will interest all who deals with the GMDSS equipment testing.

We show you how to provide testing of COSPAS-SARSAT 406MHz Radio Beacons such as EPIRB and PLB.

It should be noticed that thanks to the intuitive software it is convenient to make a final test report and print it immediately.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy your viewing!


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