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You get
Your referred person gets
How Referral Program
for MRTS-7M works
5 steps towards your benefits
01. You purchase MRTS-7M and get your referral code

The code is a serial number of your MRTS-7M.

Serial No
02. You share your references

You recommend MRTS-7M to your colleagues from other companies that aren't Aeromarine SRT customers yet and give them your referral code.

You share
03. Your referred person purchases MRTS-7M

He tells us your referral code and gets a 5% discount for his first MRTS-7M order.

Your referred person
04. Your referral code is activated

You get an e-mail notification that you can start using your bonuses.

Your referred code
05. You choose your bonus
Blue card bonus Free calibration
Points to consider in order
not to miss your benefits

The participants of the program can be all Aeromarine SRT customers who have been purchasing MRTS-7M since 01.01.2021 and while the program lasts.

Your referral code is the serial number of any MRTS-7M tester you bought since 2021.

Share your recommendations and your referral code with any companies that aren't the customers of Aeromarine SRT yet.

Invite your colleagues from other branches of your company worldwide, if they have never purchased Aeromarine SRT products yet.

The referral code is valid for 3 years from the moment you get it.

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