Help Desk Service - first aid for your devices

Dear users of our testers,

We launched a new service - Help Desk. You can find it in Support section on our web-site.

This is a place where you can ask a technical question directly to our engineers. 

If you faced any issue in your device’s operation and need support, our specialists will help you.

Facts about Aeromarine SRT

Create a ticket, fill in your contact data and describe the malfunction in details.

Also you can attach photo or printscreen to make the issue clearer and speed up the resolving of the matter.

When the ticket is submitted, you will get a notification on your e-mail with the link to Help Desk.

To see on what stage your communication is, track the existing ticket by the ID number you got in e-mail.

We hope you won't need this service frequently; but if it happens, you know what to do now!


Making your professional life easier,

GMDSS Testers Team

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