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Evolution of testers for GMDSS radio equipment

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The protection of human life at sea has reached a new level over the past three decades, - since 1992, the phased implementation of the GMDSS (the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), developed by International Maritime Organization (IMO), began. The principles of the GMDSS are defined by the Regulations of Chapter IV of the International Convention SOLAS-74, as amended in 1988.

By this time, satellite communication systems were widely used, providing fast and reliable communication regardless of distance, as well as narrow-band direct printing telegraph equipment, which replaced the Morse code. A digital selective calling system (DSC) was developed, which made it possible to turn away from keeping a listening watch on the VHF channel 16 (156,8 MHz) and MF frequency 2182 kHz.

By 1999, all vessels falling under the SOLAS convention (passenger vessels, as well as all cargo vessels over 300 gross tonnage) had been re-equipped in accordance with the requirements of the GMDSS.

Thus, the types of radio equipment that should be installed on modern vessels are as follows (depending on the sea area):




The lucky yachtsman"

On 5 January 1997 the single-handed Tony Bullimore’s yacht participating in around-the-globe race capsized in freezing waters between Australia and Antarctica hit by a violent storm. The yachtsman managed to survive in the air pocket inside the ...



Remote surveys are not a new form of service maintenance; they have been used for some years already. Lots of companies turn to digitalization of their work and widen the range of services they provide.

But today in maritime sphere the demand for this form of survey is bigger than ever ...


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This article gives instruction on installation, registration and use of the GMDSS Multi Software.

The software offers easy test results management for the users of GMDSS Testers made by Aeromarine SRT and Musson Marine.

The app can be easily downloaded and installed to any ...



GMDSS batteries constitute an important tool which provides power supply for GMDSS equipment operation in case of emergency. 

Regulation 13, Chapter 4 of SOLAS sets the following requirements for GMDSS batteries:

- batteries must be recharged to the required minimum in ...



Dear Friends, 

Posidonia Exhibition 2020 is re-scheduled for October and our participation as exhibitors keeps in force; the place is the same – the Athens Metropolitan Expo. We fully support such preventive measures and believe that they will help to stabilize the ...


The video shows how to use Multi GMDSS Software to manage test results of GMDSS Testers.

From this video you'll learn how to:

download the software install it on Windows or MAC OS sign UP and login download test results from a GMDSS tester generate and print the test ...



Dear friends,

We have been receiving lots of positive comments about our software functionality and convenience. We really appreciate it. So our specialists prepared yet another update for all fans of our products.

Meet unified software for all GMDSS testers:



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This time our team has been looking forward to METS Trade in Amsterdam with particular impatience. 

The matter is we were ready to present our brand new device, namely 9GHz SART Tester STU-1 – indispensable tool for providing safety at sea. It is designed for ...



Dear Customers and Partners, season's greetings from Aeromarine SRT Team!

Ready for 2020?

We are! But first let’s make a short resume and thank 2019.

In this year:

The GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M became our top sales device (yuhoo!) We launched ...


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