New one-for-all-testers software

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Dear friends,

We have been receiving lots of positive comments about our software functionality and convenience. We really appreciate it. So our specialists prepared yet another update for all fans of our products.

Meet unified software for all GMDSS testers:

  • MRTS-7M
  • AIS Tester M1
  • BEACON Tester 406 02
  • SART Tester STU-1

Let’s name it MULTISOFT!

GMDSS Tester Multi Software

You will definitely appreciate that software matches all versions of the devices including old ones. Even if your device is not of present-day version you are still welcome to use this software.

Test report generating has never been so easy!

The software for all testers is available on this page (

Values of new software you get:

√ free of charge

√ compatible with MAC OS X, Windows OS

√ one for all testers including old ones

√ convenient survey database and report creating

√ accessible in 4 languages, and more on the way

√ cloud online storage of your surveys is available

√ just register to download  

We remind that complex online assistance upon all questions is being constantly provided, so if you have got any, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Aeromarine SRT Team


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