❅❅ Let the holiday season begin ❅❅

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Dear Customers and Partners, season's greetings from Aeromarine SRT Team!

Season Greetings

Ready for 2020?

We are! But first let’s make a short resume and thank 2019.

In this year:

  1. The GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M became our top sales device (yuhoo!)
  2. We launched a new product – SART Tester STU-1 (that had great demand by the way and the widescale production has been already planned for the next year)
  3. We released Multi-Compatible Software with cloud storage (one for all testers, you remember)

And what 2019 brought you?

And in these days full of magic we would like to make a wish that the next year would be even more successful and all plans would come true.

We remind when you can contact us in holidays period:


Anyway you are welcome to leave your requests on our site or by e-mail during this period, we will contact you when open.

Have a charming holiday season!

Becoming better for you and best regards,
Aeromarine SRT team


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