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MF/HF radio station is a high tech equipment, designed for receiving and transmitting messages between vessels in the medium and high frequency range. It usually consists of a transceiver, a control block, and an antenna.

For any vessel crossing oceans and seas as well as for those working offshore, an MF/HF radio is an indispensable section of equipment, it ensures long-distance radio communication. MF/HF radio is an important part of GMDSS, that’s why most of the vessels are obliged to install it in accordance to international safety regulations.


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The MF/HF/VHF radio stations with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) are an essential component of modern communication systems operating ...

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Marine communication has long history and continues developing to this day. For the last years this field have been changed and innovated ...

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The NAVTEX system provides the automatic dissemination of local Maritime Safety Information (MSI) by Narrow Band Direct Printing (NBDP) operating ...

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Portable two way VHF radiotelephone equipment is used for communications between survival craft and rescue vessels. It may also be used for ...

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