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When we carry out the annual performance test of the GMDSS equipment the main task is to check whether the equipment operates as expected by predefined standards.

The GMDSS equipment should be constructed and installed in such a way that it is easily accessible for inspection during Annual Safety Radio Survey and onboard maintenance purposes.


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The GMDSS replaces the ship-to-ship safety system that used manual Morse code with a ship-to-shore safety system that uses satellite and automated ...

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The Search and Rescue Radar Transponder as a part of GMDSS is a subject to annual test during radio survey. The annual testing of ...

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6th – 11th June 2016 GMDSS Test Equipment was represented at a booth on International Exhibition Posidonia 2016 in Athens, ...

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SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 18.9 states:

“The automatic identification system (AIS) shall be subjected to an annual test. The test ...

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Firms engaged in surveys (inspections) and testing of radio communication equipment: Surveys, inspection, testing, and/or measurement of radio ...

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Article 53 of the International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations states that all stations in the Maritime Mobile and the Maritime ...

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Marine regulations require that a 406 MHz EPIRB is tested and, if necessary has its batteries replaced at intervals specified by the ...

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The NAVTEX system provides the automatic dissemination of local Maritime Safety Information (MSI) by Narrow Band Direct Printing (NBDP) operating ...

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