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Today we will perform the annual testing of Cospas-Sarsat EPIRB as it is required by SOLAS convention. The volume and order of the tests are described in IMO Circular 1040 and we will follow it.


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Radio survey is a set of testing services provided for a vessel to verify and confirm its readiness and safety for navigation in appropriate sea ...

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When we carry out the annual performance test of the GMDSS equipment the main task is to check whether the equipment operates as ...

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The GMDSS replaces the ship-to-ship safety system that used manual Morse code with a ship-to-shore safety system that uses satellite and automated ...

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The Search and Rescue Radar Transponder as a part of GMDSS is a subject to annual test during radio survey. The annual testing of ...

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6th – 11th June 2016 GMDSS Test Equipment was represented at a booth on International Exhibition Posidonia 2016 in Athens, ...

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#AIS 7 min 2629 views

SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 18.9 states:

“The automatic identification system (AIS) shall be subjected to an annual test. The test ...

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Firms engaged in surveys (inspections) and testing of radio communication equipment: Surveys, inspection, testing, and/or measurement of radio ...

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Article 53 of the International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations states that all stations in the Maritime Mobile and the Maritime ...

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