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The monopoly of Inmarsat, which has been the only provider of satellite GMDSS services since 1999, is over. In early 2020, Iridium was successfully certified by the IMO. Thus, Iridium GMDSS has become a superior alternative to Inmarsat GMDSS; it covers all GMDSS Sea Areas from A1 to A4 and offers built-in Safety Voice Service. 

Iridium is a global mobile satellite communications system that covers 100% of the Earth's surface, including both poles. It provides real-time voice and data transmitting at sea, in the air, and on the ground. The system enables connection in remote areas which are not provided with traditional land-based communications, and in emergency situations.


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1. For a long time, our company was known as “Musson Marine”. In 2015, after restructuring, we changed the name to Aeromarine ...

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MF/HF radio station is a high tech equipment, designed for receiving and transmitting messages between vessels in the medium and high ...

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GMDSS Multi Software version 5.4.2. provides the possibility of generating report of any GMDSS equipment tested using your company logo in ...

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According to SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 18.9, the automatic identification systems (AIS) must be tested annually: “The test shall ...

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The search and rescue transponder (SART) is an important part of the GMDSS intended for locating ship or survival craft at sea when it ...

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An essential maritime safety tool Automatic Identification System (AIS) serves for exchange of real-time safety and navigation information between ...

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The MF/HF/VHF radio stations with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) are an essential component of modern communication systems operating ...

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The phased implementation of the GMDSS began with the mandatory equipping of vessels with satellite beacons. Its introduction made it ...

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