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The Second Generation Beacon (SGB) is a product that has been expected in the maritime industry in the last few years. Operational requirements, specifications and type approval standards for Cospas-Sarsat second generation 406 MHz beacons have been developed and adopted. The space and ground segments of the system that allows the SGBs to operate are close to achieving Full Operational Capability (FOC).

As a manufacturer of testers for EPIRBs, ELTs and PLBs, we are working hard to develop a device for conducting a complete radio survey of SGBs. The prototype of the tester is at the last stage of designing.


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ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System) is a system used in marine VHF radios. It is mandatory for the identification of ...

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February 13 is World Radio Day. This is a young holiday, which was established by UNESCO in 2011, and the first celebration took place ...

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With the implementation of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), it became necessary to check the equipment that is ...

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We launched a new service - Help Desk. You can find it in Support section on our web-site.

This is a place where you can ask a technical ...

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The monopoly of Inmarsat, which has been the only provider of satellite GMDSS services since 1999, is over. In early 2020, Iridium was ...

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1. For a long time, our company was known as “Musson Marine”. In 2015, after restructuring, we changed the name to Aeromarine ...

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MF/HF radio station is a high tech equipment, designed for receiving and transmitting messages between vessels in the medium and high ...

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GMDSS Multi Software version 5.4.2. provides the possibility of generating report of any GMDSS equipment tested using your company logo in ...

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